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What My Clients Say...

Mid Century Living Room with Multicolor Pictue Frames

"Lynn is great.  She worked with us, listened to us, and really helped us.  She gave us some very professional advice that truly made a difference.  The overall look was amazing. Thanks, Lynn!"

"We had never used an interior designer before but we needed some help and within a budget.  We decided to start with one room and see how it goes.  Lynn was detailed, organized, knowledgeable and creative.  We thought she was up front and bottom line is she did what she said she was going to do throughout the entire process.  Everything was great and the result was beyond our expectations.

Here is the email I wrote to her after I paid the final bill.  I think it says it all:


Lynn sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  We absolutely love the design.  Everyday we talk about it and really, just can't believe the transformation.  Every piece of it looks great to us and we are especially glad you pushed for the change in wall cover.  The grey looks fantastic.  Everyone that has come by or seen the change agrees. In all we were completely satisfied and very impressed with what you accomplished.

The change made us definitely realize that we have a lot of potential throughout our house, and in time, we will be reaching out to you for your help.  I would expect to hear back from us in a few months about the family room area.  I think that will be the next target."

"Lynn designed my bohemian bedroom and it is amazing.  She took time to listen to everything that I liked/didn't like and designed a room that was perfect for me.  She kept the project within my budget and kept me up to date on the progress. 


Since I love vintage pieces, Lynn took time to hunt for special one of a kind items to put in my room.  She put time and thought into every detail and I couldn't be happier.  Additionally, she completed the room very timely."

"My experience with Up By Design exceeded my expectations.  Lynn's incredible ability to reflect my priorities and desires when decorating my master bedroom was evidence by her detailed attention to not only the decor but, the actual functional use of the furniture and fixtures chosen.


I would definitely recommend allowing her artistic liberty when decorating your space because her ability to take your preferences, taste and style and display it in her design is absolutely amazing!  My master bedroom matched my design aesthetic exactly and far exceeded anything I could have ever envisioned."

"My bedroom was very boring and lacked a sense of style.  I gave over complete creative freedom and was ecstatic with the results! Lynn has an amazing way of working towards an end vision.  She utilized some of my existing items, transformed others, and added new to create the most amazing living space that far exceeded my expectations.


My bland bedroom transformed into a work of art with bold colors, beautiful bedding, wall hangings, and accent pieces that were perfectly placed to bring it all together.  I'm more than satisfied with my beautiful room and hope that others can experience the results of Lynn's talents."

"I asked Lynn, from Up By Design, if she would be willing to do the 're-design' of my small living room in Huntington Beach, CA.  During our initial consultation, she asked a lot of great questions, which made me feel confident that she knew the surf-type vibe I was looking for.


I did not see anything until the room was completely done - the results were great!  I was completely shocked at how much bigger the room felt."

Mid Century MCM Dining Table and Chairs with Comic Book Posters in Art Frames
Dwell Studio Peacock Duvet Bedroom with Rose Gold Lighting

© 2018 Up By Design          Photography by Mike Gagnon and Matt Wright

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