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"Joy.  Calm.  Warmth.  Love.  Those are just a few of the words that describe how I feel when I look around at the space that Up by Design created for our family.  We found Lynn through a recommendation on a Facebook mom’s group.  I liked what I saw on her website – not all were necessarily my style but I liked that it showed her diversity.  She came over and did a complete walk-through of our home as we talked about what my husband and I liked and didn’t like.  After our first meeting, she shared with me a Pinterest board of ideas for several of our rooms.  Although I was anxious to have her design every room in our new house, we decided together, based on budget and timing, to start with three rooms – two family/living rooms and our dining room.


Once we agreed on the final budget, it took about a month for the design proposal.  She presented two proposals and only made minor revisions to the one we chose.  She gave us 3D renderings, photos, some samples and even had virtual reality glasses for us to be able to look around our space with the design!  As part of the design we chose, we decided to paint our kitchen/dining/living room cabinets/walls and replace our back splash in the kitchen/dining room – it was a big project.  Lynn doesn’t recommend or work with preferred contractors so although she made the recommendations for color and tile, we were on own for finding and hiring the people to do the work.  For us, this was a positive aspect of working with Lynn.  Although it was a bit of a pain and took longer than expected for us to get the ball rolling, I think we saved money in the end and learned quite a bit during the process.  The cabinet colors and tiles that Lynn picked out looked amazing when the work was complete.


Now on to the finish!  We went away for a long weekend while Lynn and her husband implemented the final design.  They unpacked all the boxes of deliveries that had been stored in our garage and brought over all the beautiful and fun things Lynn had been buying for us while our cabinets and back splash were being done.  When we saw the transformation, it was amazing and exciting.  Even our two young kids were super impressed!  I loved hearing all of Lynn and Matt’s stories about certain pieces they picked out and what they liked most.  There were so many things that blew us away and it was so clear that Lynn had put her heart and soul into our home.  For this, we will always be grateful.  It’s been just about a month since Lynn and Matt were here and we continue to love being home.  One unexpected bonus that came out the project is that the kids are neater.  They love the space so much that they don’t want to “mess it up” with their clutter!  We highly recommend Up by Design!"

Tammy and Chris B.

Private Residence - Mission Viejo, CA

"We had never used an interior designer before but we needed some help and within a budget.  We decided to start with one room and see how it goes.  Lynn was detailed, organized, knowledgeable and creative.  We thought she was up front and bottom line is she did what she said she was going to do throughout the entire process.  Everything was great and the result was beyond our expectations.

Here is the email I wrote to her after I paid the final bill.  I think it says it all:


We absolutely love the design.  Everyday we talk about it and really, just can't believe the transformation.  Every piece of it looks great to us and we are especially glad you pushed for the change in wall cover.  The grey looks fantastic.  Everyone that has come by or seen the change agrees. In all we were completely satisfied and very impressed with what you accomplished.

The change made us definitely realize that we have a lot of potential throughout our house, and in time, we will be reaching out to you for your help.  I would expect to hear back from us in a few months about the family room area.  I think that will be the next target."

Brad and Amanda M.

Private Residence - Aliso Viejo, CA


"My experience with Up By Design exceeded my expectations.  Lynn's incredible ability to reflect my priorities and desires when decorating my master bedroom was evidence by her detailed attention to not only the decor but, the actual functional use of the furniture and fixtures chosen.


I would definitely recommend allowing her artistic liberty when decorating your space because her ability to take your preferences, taste and style and display it in her design is absolutely amazing!  My master bedroom matched my design aesthetic exactly and far exceeded anything I could have ever envisioned."

Kristi F.

Private Residence - Orange, CA

"My bedroom was very boring and lacked a sense of style.  I gave over complete creative freedom and was ecstatic with the results! Lynn has an amazing way of working towards an end vision.  She utilized some of my existing items, transformed others, and added new to create the most amazing living space that far exceeded my expectations.


My bland bedroom transformed into a work of art with bold colors, beautiful bedding, wall hangings, and accent pieces that were perfectly placed to bring it all together.  I'm more than satisfied with my beautiful room and hope that others can experience the results of Lynn's talents."

Michele and Jeff P.

Private Residence - Mission Viejo, CA

"Lynn is great.  She worked with us, listened to us, and really helped us.  She gave us some very professional advice that truly made a difference.  The overall look was amazing. Thanks, Lynn!"

Joseph and Virginia C.

Private Residence - Los Angeles, CA

"Lynn designed my bohemian bedroom and it is amazing.  She took time to listen to everything that I liked/didn't like and designed a room that was perfect for me.  She kept the project within my budget and kept me up to date on the progress. 


Since I love vintage pieces, Lynn took time to hunt for special one of a kind items to put in my room.  She put time and thought into every detail and I couldn't be happier.  Additionally, she completed the room very timely."

Lisa H.

Private Residence - Huntington Beach, CA

"I asked Lynn, from Up By Design, if she would be willing to do the 're-design' of my small living room in Huntington Beach, CA.  During our initial consultation, she asked a lot of great questions, which made me feel confident that she knew the surf-type vibe I was looking for.


I did not see anything until the room was completely done - the results were great!  I was completely shocked at how much bigger the room felt."

Mark W.

Private Residence - Huntington Beach, CA